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Private enterprise "KamELit" uses Protection Operation Unit. During the period of operation this equipment has proved itself as a reliable and quality assistant in the industrial process.

Protection Operation Unit lets upgrade various types of Switchgear and Control Gear, while expanding their functions, and gradually implement automation system into industrial production. This process is economically advantageous because the unit can perform the function of automatic power control system. In addition, the range of Protection Operation Unit is very wide, what allows to choose exactly the features, which are actually useful for the buyer.

More than 600 units of various types were supplied in 2010, to our company’s address. Currently, they are working properly and efficiently on the Ukraine enterprises.

Automation of industrial process using microprocessor systems from NVP-Rudpromavtomatyka Ltd. is a step forward, a promising way to modern production.

With gratitude for the cooperation and professionalism , director of Private enterprise "KamELit".

Dear Yuri Borisovich!

Let me sincerely thank you and your team for such a successful development of Protection Operation Unit. You offer advanced functional series and the highest quality, what makes this product a " godsend " for the coal industry .

Also on behalf of the collective NVP “ZaporozhSEO” Ltd. I am grateful to you for strict adherence of contractual obligations , loyal policy relatively the conditions and terms of payment .

I hope for the further fruitful cooperation.

Director Andryushchenko A.F.

Dear Vasily Nicolaevich! Let me express to you and the staff of NVP - Rudpromavtomatika Ltd. a sincere gratitude for the constructive approach to work and a long mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our company uses Protection Operation Unit for more than five years. During this time we have not had to deal with the problems associated with the malfunction of the equipment.

We have a reliable partner in the face of your company, and intend to continue to cooperate .

Dmitry Grigoriev - Director of Works Electrotechmash LLC, Gorlovka, Ukraine

About the work
of Protection Operation Unit

Sibelektromash LLC is the partner of NVP-Rudpromavtomatika Ltd. It delivers Automated Dispatch Control and Monitoring System for the coal industry of the Russian market .

I thank for cooperation the team of NVP-Rudpromavtomatika Ltd. and announce that during the time of using of Protection Operation Unit in mines of the Kemerovo Oblast there were no complaints on functionality and quality of this product.

Protection Operation Unit significantly secured the work of staff in the mines, allowing to prevent emergencies and analyze what is happening in the online - time. This product is vestly superior it’s analogs what allows to rely on the increase in sales markets.

Vadim Kangiser - Director of Sibelektromash LLC, Novokuznetsk, Russian Federation