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"NVP-Rudpromavtomatika " Ltd. always ready for a constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation .


1. Supplier.  I have the opportunity to offer accessories, consumables and packaging materials, building materials and other at a bargain price with deferred payment. Supplier’s  profile.

2. Contractor.  I have the ability to perform work orders, develop technical documentation, to share innovation in the field of engineering, etc. Contractor’s profile.

3. Dealer. I'm ready to invest into the promotion of your products, to keep it’s supply on the stock, buy certain volumes. Dealer’s profile.

4. Partner.  I have the opportunity to sell your products on order. I'm not willing to keep the products in stock. Partner’s profile.

5. Referent.  I have the opportunity to represent your interests, to recommend your products and services. I rely on the reward. Referent’s profile.


If you are willing to cooperate with us, please send the completed form by or fax (056) 409-63-43 marked "for the business department."

We will consider all offers.