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Our scientific and industrial enterprise “NVP-Rudpromavtomatika Ltd” is sure to have leading positions in Ukrainian market of industrial electrical equipment production.

The staff of our enterprise, which consists of skilled experts with more than 20 years’ experience in the field and young driven specialists, introduces innovative concepts into the area of relay protection and controls for more than 10 years.

Key areas in operation of the enterprise are:

1. Analytic activity.

It includes integrated study of the market, regular attendance of thematic exhibitions, seminars and trainings. This allows us to control our team’s professionalism and estimate our own competitiveness. This area of focus gives us the possibility to establish business dealings with our suppliers and customers and also provide friendly support.

2. Innovative activity.

The results of integrated studies of the market are the basis of this key area in operation of our enterprise. It includes research, development, and pilot engineering, process-oriented and designing preproduction.

High-level engineering and human resourcing enables the enterprise “NVP-Rudpromavtomatika Ltd” to carry out the complete cycle of manufacturing of custom electrical equipment as well as industrial lighting (pit lighting mast MKO), taking into consideration the market demand, customer requirements and specifics of operation.

Depending on technical design specification, our skilled experts with many years’ experience in industrial electric equipment production will:

  • develop design and engineering documentation
  • adjust drafts and designs
  • manufacture and install the equipment
  • develop custom software
  • adjust the equipment
  • instruct your staff on further operational use.

3. Operating activity.

It includes rationalizing the output according to the market demand, balancing production capacity and output. Effective work in this area allows our customers to get quality product in due time.

Our enterprise produces:

  • microprocessor protection operating units BZU-2;
  • automated dispatch control and monitoring systems;
  • low-voltage mining electric equipment with IP54 level sealing protection;
  • mine magnetic controllers;
  • mine lighting network equipment;
  • low-voltage distribution units;
  • sectionalized circuit breakers;
  • crane input and control plates;
  • electric drive console control units;
  • switchboards, consoles and switchboard panels etc.

Our production is thoroughly tested and certified in accordance with Ukrainian legal standards.

Our enterprise offers services in:

  • work process automation with microprocessor protection operating units BZU-2;
  • modernization of high-voltage switchgear;
  • development and introduction of Automatic systems for commercial and technical accounting of power consumption.

4. After sales activity.

It includes installation and start-up work on site, special maintenance, and maintenance during standard operation time. This key area provides data about reliability and durability of equipment manufactured. These data are used in product improvement, expedition of product line and range update.